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I have know Andrew  Leniart since I sold my Accounting Practice and the incoming practitioner brought Andrew with him as his IT specialist.

I was meant to stay on for 5 years but 11 years later I am still there and still happily working away with Andrew on occasions.

The time had come to update our works at home so my wife, Jill , and I called Andrew in.

What joy to have someone explain everything in words that we understood and then pick up everything from the study and head off – to then get back to me with recommendations. Not only recommendations but he did all the buying and assembling and transferred everything from one computer to another (including a huge number of photos stored) with just the occasional telephone query.

Everything was back in just a few days and running easily and well after his home delivery and lots of clear and concise instructions and explanations.

THANK YOU Andrew for your patience, time and guidance.

A pleasure to do business with you.

Best Regards,
Paul Lethlean

I have known Andrew Leniart both personally and professionally for over 15 years.

During that time I have grown to appreciate Andrew’s amazing IT skills and his willingness to help all his clients.

He is the first one to come up with proactive ideas and suggestions to help individuals and businesses make better use of their computers and IT Systems.

I am the first to admit I have none of these skills and I am completely happy to leave all my IT concerns and tasks to Andrew, and he never lets me down.

If you want to be able to sleep at night and rest comfortably knowing that your PC or IT System is completely safe and protected, then Andrew is the perfect man to help you do so.

He is always up to date and can answer your questions with the patience of a saint.

I do not make any decision without consulting Andrew first and he always has a ready answer or helpful suggestion for me.

He works amazing hours because he loves what he does and will go to any extreme to help a client solve a problem.

The money I pay him is the best money I spend all year, and it is nowhere near the value he provides to us IT know-nothings.

Give Andrew a go, you will not be disappointed.

A S Jolley
JPR Business Group
Managing Partner.


Andrew’s Computer Help Zone has worked with our company for over 17 years, in this time he has maintained our computer systems and helped us grow ensuring our security and functionality has been a head of the pack.

His offering of a fixed fee service is great value and worth considering, it take the question of how “much this is going to cost “ off the table and price is determined upfront so that fees do not need to be discussed.

We recommend this pricing structure to anyone as we have experienced it works for all parties concerned.

Tony Polzella
JPR Business Group Pty Ltd

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrew.

He has looked after my company’s IT needs for 16 years.

He is tenacious (in that never gives in until a problem has been solved), clear in his communication and explanations. In short, he provides a high quality service at reasonable cost.

If all of my service providers were like Andrew, then life would be ever so much easier!

Alex Stewart
Maggs Reid Stewart Accountants – Surrey Hills


Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help you gave me on the weekend and all the money you saved me. Watching you work was amazing and I had no idea my computer had that many hidden nasties.. So much for that crappy free antivirus I was using so thanks for helping me put on a better one which will hopefully protect me from all the crap again!! My browsers now go to where I want to go without all those stupid popups and the laptop works like a dream. Mate, your a legend. I’m sure that 12 month maintenance deal I just purchased from you will be the best money I ever spent. Forever grateful to ya

Cheers and thanks mate,

Joe’s Gardening Services and Landscaping

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful work you have done for us here at David’s office.
You deserve a sainthood for your patience!!!
Merry Christmas and hoping you have a happy and healthy 2014.
Ingrid and David

David E Boyd Pty Ltd

Andrew Leniart took our specifications and designed and installed a new business management system at our office, enabling us to keep and actively use our client records electronically. His work included acquiring and integrating a server and scanner, software, computers and network. He provided expert advice on numerous aspects of this task.

Andrew demonstrates all the key qualities that are so important: exceptional knowledge and expertise, a high level of client service and responsiveness, endless patience (and a sense of humour), and above all, quite exceptional communication skills. We now have an extremely easy to use and effective system personalised to our specific needs. He has guided us through the early stages, and through his natural teaching ability and skills at converting the technical to everyday language, has managed to bring a group of IT neophytes to an acceptable level of competence, with minimum pain. Throughout, Andrew has shown honesty and integrity in all that he has done.

Andrew is a highly talented consultant, and his contribution to our practice has been highly valued. I have no hesitation in recommending his services, and look forward to our continuing professional association.

Heather Mitchem
Clinical Psychologist

Heather Mitchem and Associates

My small public accounting accounting office of 5 staff decided to go paperless in 2003 but we had no idea how to achieve this. Andrew Leniart was referred by another accountant and he was like a knight in silver armour. In the first meeting he efficiently analysed all our office needs with minimal disruption and then tested all computers to determine the hardware and software upgrades that were required for each machine. A week later he presented a comprehensive report with options and costs for what I believe was a very minimal fee for all the work involved.

We then engaged Andrew to carry out all the work which involved a new server, network, scanners, office software, backup procedure, virus protection, etc. He worked tirelessly including throughout the night so that we could still function during work hours. He also set-up procedures and techniques regarding office IT filing systems and protocols that are basic and yet fool proof so that all staff conformed to the new system.

To this day I do not think I could have had a better system and when I sold the business last year we only moved a 2 draw filing cabinet as current work papers!! Andrew also took care of virus protection and the domain name and he was always available on the small occasions when we needed assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as a trusted and fantastic IT consultant for accounting practitioners.

Judy O’Flynn

Whitehorse Road, Mitcham – Public Accountants

Andrew Leniart, of Varcoes Computer Consulting Services, has been our trusted accounting software / IT specialist since 1999.

Apart from making BAS and tax returns a breeze, Andrew has provided invaluable advice about computer purchases and upgrades, peripherals, and a myriad of other esoteric IT matters. He has reliably installed and maintained our networks and backup facilities, virus protection, internet / email, and software.

Most importantly, Andrew’s knowledge, technical-analytical skills and service delivery are first class, so we can always depend on him to provided prompt, efficient solutions to problems. His pleasant demeanour, comprehensible explanations, and educative abilities inspire confidence and personal skills development.

In my opinion, Andrew is a man of integrity and considerable expertise, whose services I unreservedly recommend.

Harvey Dunkley JP

NDS Solutions Pty Ltd

The prompt and effortless manner in which Andrew handles our computer glitches is indicative of a person on top of his game.

Highly recommended – Five stars.

Stephen Shanahan
Atlantic Australasia Pty Ltd

Ph 61 3 9852 9599 Fax 61 3 9852 9844

I don’t think I can be more straightforward than to simply say that Andrew Leniart is the only person I call for any and all issues with our computers.

Whether it’s a small glitch in the system or a major office relocation Andrew is easy to get in contact with, turns up on time and gets the job done. I couldn’t ask for any more than that. (I’ve even got his number on my speed dial!).

Over the last few years Andrew has saved us on a number of occasions and he will be the only person to call if and when we need his help again…….and knowing computers and the ever-changing technology, we will.

Well done and best regards,

Martin Breeze

Alberti Arkee Creative

We have been utilising the excellent skills of Andrew Leniart from Varcoes for the last 9 years. He has set up several computers for us over this time and all of which have been hassle free experiences. Andrew is extremely patient and capable with a depth of knowledge on any questions or issues that we’ve had. He is very reliable and very prompt in resolving problems for us. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Keep up the great work Andrew, its a successful combination!

Alan & Julie Backman
Backman Construction Company Pty Ltd

Being a total computer novice I went kicking and screaming into the computer age with the introduction of the GST. Without the expert and patient direction of Andrew not only in the operation but also the purchase of the correct computer package for my needs I would have been lost.

My SOS calls are not as regular as they once were but Andrew remains a very important back up to my business, as my business is now totally run through my computer.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew for all your computer needs.

Neil Anderson

Neilan Pty Ltd

Andrew has set up our system and dealt with all our computer issues for the last 5 years. We call on him from time to time and he responds quickly to all our computer needs which are sometimes very urgent. He is most obliging and understands our needs well.

He came highly recommended to us and we have highly recommended him to others.

Thanks Andrew

Peter Buchanan

Buchanan and Company – Certified Valuers

Although Andrew is an external consultant to our company he has always worked with us and our staff as a team member.

By using Andrews systems the business risk management programme has been enhanced to a level which is in line with best business practises. Andrew has a friendly relationship with our external system providers and can always be counted on to find flexible solutions to any ongoing issues that may arise. Andrew has worked with this company since 2001 and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of a reliable, knowledgeable and affordable IT consultant!

Adele McNally
Managing Director

Dominion Underwriting Agents Pty Ltd

Andrew’s ability to solve computer problems is amazing. On several occasions he has got my computer back in action quickly and with a minimum of fuss. His depth of understanding has been an enormous help – he has quickly found where the problems are and how to fix them. He knows which anti-virus software works and which are worthless. He never ceases to amaze me with his up-to-date knowledge.

Thanks a million, Andrew.

Rob Morgan
Consulting Traffic Engineer

Andrew has been dealing with out computers & network problems for over fifteen years and l can’t speak more highly of his computer knowledge, when other IT company’s thought it was a waste of time to repair our computers and would want the easy option to reformat our hard drives instead of finding and fixing the problems, Andrew would always take time to repair any faults with our computer or network this way not loosing any data.

Frank Rossi
Managing Director
Fruit in a Box

I would have no problem in recommending Andrew from Varcoes to any new clients. I have been using Andrew’s services for bookkeeping and related IT set-ups for many years and have been amazed how everything just happens or gets fixed with a minimum of fuss! Andrew’s all round knowledge of accounting and IT is an unbeatable combination!

Keep up the good work Andrew!!

Neil Greaves
Is Avante Pty Ltd
Importer, Wholesaler & Retailer

Andrew has been helping me with all my computer problems for several years now. He is always approachable and available and has been my saviour on many occasions!

No problem is too small and he is always willing to help. I rely on his amazing knowledge and skills to keep me at my computer ~ I’d be lost without him to call on in my hour (s) of need!

Trish Connock

I have known Andrew Leniart now for some time, he has done many jobs on my computers, and I have always been extremely happy with the end result. He has completely setup our new offices on a couple of occasions and networked all our systems. We are graphic designers, so our whole business is completely computer driven, without them we would be in serious trouble.

Andrew is always there for me, and I really appreciate the support.

Mike Cowan
Head’s Caps Pty Ltd

As a newly established business we relied on Andrew for the set up or our IT and network, his expert advice and implementation of our systems and hardware. Nothing has been too much trouble. Andrew’s knowledge and expertise has meant a quick and trouble free start to our business from day one. His prompt response, proactive advice and service since then has been fantastic and we would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew’s IT services to other businesses like ours.

Kathy Havers CFP Dip F.P.
Financial Planner
Catalyst Financial Group

Andrew has helped our practice deal with all our computer issues for the past six months. He setup our new network, including a backup system, which has helped our office run very efficiently. It means we can concentrate on our business knowing that any computer problems will be fixed almost immediately. It has made a huge difference to our office – we get an almost instant response to our cries for help.
Thanks Andrew

Diane Yeomans
Diane Yeoman & Associates Pty Ltd
Public Accountants & Registered Tax Agents

As an author, I am utterly dependent on my PC working, and working optimally. When the PC goes down, I don’t just feel ‘cut off’, I feel like my communication lines have been strangled. Andrew has to be the best back-stop you could ask for. I get instant advice on the phone, and if that doesn’t work, he’s on the spot to sort it out himself. And haven’t I learnt heaps from him too. Andrew – don’t ever retire!

Anthea Wynn

“Andrew, in case I forgot to mention it, thanks for getting us out of trouble and sorting out, so quickly, our recent IT problems. Whilst I like to think I can work it out myself, you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge and computer technical skills. You make it very comfortable and easy for me to pick the phone up, at any time, and ask for your help on what sometimes seems to me to be a huge problem but to you, a piece of cake. Again…thanks.
Regards and cheers”

Buchanan and Company Pty Ltd

“Our firm has used Mr Andrew Leniart from Varcoes Pty Ltd as our IT service provider and we have enjoyed a good relationship with him for a number of years. We are more than happy with the service Andrew provides. The service is always prompt, reliable and very good value for money, the key to which is excellent communication from Andrew”

Chris Sykes
Sykes Crawford Pty Ltd

For the last 5 years now, Andrew Leniart has looked after my small computer network, software and Internet facilities and he has been responsible for changing what was a nightmare into a smoothly functioning area of my accounting practice. I keep urging him to be careful when crossing the road! I am happy to be contacted if any further information is required.”

David E. Boyd
Chartered Accountant

Dear Andrew,

We wish to thank you for your assistance in implementing the “paperless office” scanning process into our office.

We have found this system to be not only time saving from a filing point of view but a tremendous aid when searching for historical information. We believe that this streamline to our operations has improved our office efficiency immensely

We would also like to personally thank you for your invaluable assistance and guidance not only during the implementation process, but also post implementation.

We highly recommend this system to other professional offices and would have no hesitation in recommending your personal expertise.

Mike Jolley FCPA
Mike Jolley & Associates Pty Ltd


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